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This weekend promises some catch up on connection with those closest to me. I look forward to that. I had a lovely night with my favorite boy LB last night. I love being with him chatting and being silly. These are good years right now. I wonder what the teen years will bring?

Tomorrow I spend all day with Mono at an all day concert. We will loll around in the sun listening to music and taking in the crowd. Ahhhhh summer. Love it!

I have a date tonight with PN to do whatever comes to mind... Likely a good chat and computer time.

Derby and I are going to see bridesmaids on monday night after her derby practice and a quick shower at my place.

Fathers day on sunday and I have a Caribbean restaurant booked for the plethora of dad's in our lives. Two will be vacant however. I look forward to eating out. Its gotten so damned expensive!

Next week I have a date with Leo to watch a movie at his house. We will sit at opposite ends of the couch this time Mono thinks we should drink tea rather than beer. Might be a good idea.

I'm embarrassed of our Canadian hockey sports fans this week. What a show of idiocy in vancouver over losing the stanley cup. I know it was a fail, but now its the ultimate fail. If only we would riot about something useful. Come on! We canadians look like idiots. I just hope that people realize the whole country was watching that game and most of us went home disappointed, but not riotous!
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