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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Yes I must admit it would be nice to see a leading human behaviorist and Anthropologist like Helen Fisher weigh in on the book. As probably the leading researcher into the biology of love and attraction her discoveries are based on current research involving brain mapping imagery of present day humans.
I imagine there is a reason why David Buss and others in the field are silent about the book as well. It could be that the book directly challenges their own theories and therefore they are avoiding it or it could be that the book doesn't warrant scientific debate at all. I'll let the experts decide that one.
It would be nice to see any behaviorist or anthropologist studying in the field respond to it. I'm not wedded to them being leading.

As it stands, none of the critiques I have been able to uncover were done by someone who would be qualified to give a peer review of the work (by scientific journal standards). That doesn't mean that their critiques are wrong.
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