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Hmm, I can understand your excitement when hearing what your bf does in bed with another, but I don't quite understand how knowing what they do makes you feel secure - unless you're talking about a safer sex issue? That is puzzling to me.

That being said, the need his other gf has to to keep it all private is even more puzzling to me. Why should it matter that he's talking about sexual activities he is participating in with one of the women he participates with???? Aren't you all adults? I love being able to talk about sex with my friends, I've always done that. Get together with girlfriends, "What did he do, what did I do," and so on. Why should it be different with someone I'm involved with? Fine if she doesn't want to hear what you and he do, but why should she censor him when he's alone with you?

Okay, I guess there's no solution coming from me, I'm just offering another opinion. So, I would still question yourself to understand why you need to know -- if it's just prurient interest that gets you off, I think that's great, but if it's some sort of weird need to be in control or monitor him, or you use the information against yourself in some way, that's not too cool. And on the other hand, I think she's making a mountain out of a molehill.
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