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Originally Posted by Fayerweather View Post
...I also find that reading the chapter in The Ethical Slut about jealousy helps. I often read up on polyamory (on here or other places) or listen to Minx's Poly Podcasts when I feel insecure or jealous, because stuff like that reminds me that there are others out there going through the same thing, and also serves to remind me of the things I love about polyamory and is a refresher course on why I chose this way of life in the first place.
I like refresher courses as well. Sometimes I need to hear and listen to other people who have lived it longer so that I can remember this is a path I CHOSE, and why. Also, sometimes it helps to have your emotions validated, and possibly get some input on constructive ways to deal with it all.

I've gotten a lot of input lately to just let the feelings come and experience them. Amazingly, they pass quicker when I'm not fighting, kicking and screaming and trying to intellectualize them away. Imagine!
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