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Originally Posted by RfromRMC View Post
As a unit, I say we're a family though occasionally have used the cute word "throuple".
Hahahha LOL!! Throuple!!! That's fab

This thread is funny. Actually, I had the same "problem" when I was in a mono relationship. In my first marriage it was clearly "my husband", but my second partner was that, a partner, we were not married. Although, for some people I said "my husband" (because some people don't take it seriously if you say "partner" or "boyfriend"), then I started to dislike the word "husband" and ended up just saying his name and letting others figure out (it was nobody's business if we were married or not).

Now my poly relationship is pretty new and we haven't had much of that, but for the moment we all stick to introducing the other person by their name and let others figure out
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