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Smile Well this is all new to me so uh HI

I'm not really sure where to get started with an intro so i suppose here goes. Hi I am Knight(or so ive been called for many years now by more friends than i can count. I am entirely new to the whole poly concept. All of my previous relationships have been monogamous hetero conections(at least on my part. im still not sure how i ended up dating my ex girlfriends ex girlfriend at one point) But hey life is weird,it goes on, and we grow. Im not sure how to aproach all this so I am open to any advice you may have. I am currently involved in(exploring a potential) hum im not really sure what to call it... help here? um a V me and another male with a female being the central focus for our affections. hum anyway. Nice to meet you all. thank you for all your kind comments
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