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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Cotton Candy consistently reassures me that she's never going anywhere, but I still get worried.
Well, I'm an under-3's Early Childhood Educator: essentially someone who deals with a LOT of separation anxiety. I always advise honesty regarding the separation, consistent reassurance, repetition of the separation, and taking time to spend together when re-united. It sounds to me like you're covering that pretty well!

As others have said, discomfort is normal and allowable. It's probably a good thing to sit with it for a bit and figure it out in more depth. For instance, is it fear of being replaced? Is it uncertainty: what to do with yourself while your partner is out? Is it lonliness? Is it all of that and... The answers may or may not be the same for both of you.

I'm also curious if this is something you want to work through. I think it is, because of your original post about time-limits on dates. When I hear you say you can't live without each other, I'm concerned that when life separates you for other reasons than dating, that you aren't able to cope at your optimum level. I imagine you feel this for each other too?
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