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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
For the record, I do NOT see poly-fi as the same as monogamy.

I've been thinking how to answer this question and still having difficulty so I appologize in advance as I'm just thowing out some random thoughts here.

Mono relationships (esp marriage) have the ILLUSSION of permanence and saftey. Kinda like a road trip, where marriage is the destination. For me, I was in fear that some one else would come along and replace me. I would not be necessary and therefore would be tossed aside.

ie. Most of us ladies know we can never have too many shoes. Well a mono would think that since I already have a pair of black heels, if I bring home these great new ones, I must get rid of the old ones. Since the old ones are comfortable, already broken in and still in great condition, the new ones stay at the store.

You can replace shoes, with techno gagets or such. Why do I need an ipad, I have a perfectly good laptop at home? The laptop has all the programs I need already on it, it has all my reports, favorites and other stuff already stored and the thought of going from PC to Apple formats scares the crap out of me...

Also to use some sailing references:
Some sailors like to rig their boat so nearly the whole thing can run on auto-pilot. There is only one set of sails (maybe a backup) that can be adjusted as needed and the winches have motors so they can be handled by only one person. They set their course and stick to it. If the wind changes, make adjustments in the sails or even turn on the motor, but stay the course. They live for the calm times.

Then there are others who rig their boat for a race. There might be 5-6 different sails to adjust for various conditions. It requires multiple people to working together to make even the slightest change. Changes can be slow and well planned out or can be sharp, fast and hair raising. The calm times cause aggitation due to inactivity. Everyone is happy when things are in constant motion and excited when sudden changes are required. The calm times are good for catching your breath (and grabbing a beer or two) in-between the chaos.

I hope that made sense.
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