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my mom asked me at age 14 what i was interested in. i was open and strait forward with her... i wanted a 3 sum with 2 bi women. she seemed fine with it and supportave. "what ever you want sweety" now, 13 years later, i konw i CAN tell my mom im a swinger and llking into poly, but my wife would be too freaked out if she knew. and she would feel bad that she couldnt tell her mom

(hispanic orthodox catholic)

so... we limit it to a fiew non-alternateve lifestyle friends that can handle the truth. but even then if we start to talkabout it, they usually ask us not to go into any detail... thus is y im here, one of the only venues i can get to and talk to people about our ACTUAL life.

i feel like i have this big secret i want to announce to the world, like money burning a hold in my pocket that just needs to be spent.

i cant wait untill american society is open enought to accept ALL human walks of life and thought.
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