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[QUOTE=Ariakas;86433]Thats true. My successes today are really showcased in my life because of my hard childhood. So thats a great point


Thanks, it really does help me. And just because it bugs me, I must correct my "their" to "there". GRR, I guess I still have some perfectionistic tendencies that I've yet to conquer.

If you saw my house though, you could see that I've conquered so many of them ;-). My mother said to me the other day "so you do know how to clean" after I spent 4 and a half hours cleaning up after the mess my dog made in my bathroom (long story). She's really lucky she's so darn cute and sweet though (the dog, not my mother so much)!

Anyway, back to you, I think it's a really important grounding exercise and I'm glad that you can acknowledge your growth!


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