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This is something I have thought about a lot. When I was poly involved I really wanted to introduce my mom to all of this.. I wanted her to know who I love.

I think she would be interested, and maybe even happy for me, while at the same time, think I am nuts for wanting to open up my heart for heartbreak.

My mother is.. the most loving person you could meet, but also the most monogamous. She has stuck by my fathers side, in death for the last 12 years. She found her soulmate, but is completely accepting of everyone around her..

I visit in August, I will likely bring it up in passing. She knows about my BDSM and even my ummmm.. happy indiscretions with my ex, so this will probably not come as a surprise. Besides Pengrah creates a lot of scandle in my family so she probably already can guess.. hahaha

As it stands, my aunts and uncles know (they were swingers and lived through the 60's).. their default response.. "we did that too, but it was too hard, sex was easier" or the "it was a phase for us".. yes, that was a weird conversation to have at my cousins wedding while I was trying to pick up an ex of ours.. haha...
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