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I guess I could talk about our experience exclusively. We did that last year and it ended up being a discussion, in part anyway, on why you shouldn't date a mono or shouldn't expect someone who has been poly and decides to be a mono to stay mono. I dunno, I was just hoping to add more from others thoughts on what they have noticed and what has worked for them.

Ari- I have not been monogamous in about 17 years now, I thought I could at least pass for it a bit in order to understand a bit. Maybe not. There is always room for change in my life in terms of relationship dynamic. Poly fi or not. Maybe that is the difference between poly and mono? Although there is room for change in anyones life, its just in monogamy the change means an ending, in mine it means the possibility of new beginnings, a shuffle of priorities, focus and an addition of more love.
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