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My connection and energy were both withdrawn though and we both knew it...physically I can't hide it...nothing "happens" shall we say I'm completely non-sexual when not intimately connected to someone. (I would make the worst porn star!)
Interesting to hear someone else put it so bluntly. I have the exact same "problem" - but it's selective. Very strange. I seldom have a problem with it for a striaght-up one night stand or strictly sexual encounter - but when I have a new interest that is developing, sex can be... Challenging, lol. I can be aroused as all hell and - nothing happening. Or will start out great, and "he" loses interest 1/2 way through independently of the rest of me! Grr. Happy to perform other ways so it's rarely a problem, but it drives me crazy! Likewise, when i'm with my love, if there are problems or I don't feel that she's "into it", I can't perform - but when all is well, well - no problems, lol. This only developed after my marriage crashed and burned about 5 years ago. Weird.

Anyway - glad to hear you two have found yet another way to connect. Better and better...

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