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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
LOL Ari. Well, he is younger....hotter...and he is VERY similar to me when my wife and I met. (Probably why she is so intrigued by him) So if I was charismatic enough to swoon her to stay with me this long....what can HE do? LOL
He can enter into your life and you end up with a twin brother who is also with your wife ...

<sarc> maybe your wife has long term "twins" fantasies.. hahaha

Thats kind of funny though. I have yet to be attracted to a woman even close to Pengrah. And she hasn't been with a man yet even remotely resembling me.

And whats "CBT"?
Cock and ball torture

Well, I guess I'm being a bit too over the top by saying that I can function w/o her in my life....but because we've spent almost every waking moment together for almost 12 years, it's gonna be somewhat difficult.
Difficult it fine, unable is a scary thought. Sounds like poly might bring you some degree of independence from each other. Hobbies and stuff that keep you separate. Having that.. split.. I find helps quite a bit..
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