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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
A little of both Ari. I mean, this guy is SO hot! And I'm straight, and I'm saying that. Also, he's SO young! I'm 40, Cotton Candy is 39, and Model is......wait for it.....25.
haha I live in a town of 20 somethings. That range is fairly commonplace.. no shocker for me.. not to mention its a fetish for some.

So yeah, I feel nervous because I worry that I just can't measure up anymore to the newer younger hotter version of myself. Make sense?
ummmm... ya. Easy thing to do, you are you, he is him.. ok my engrish sucks this morning but you get the point. Calling him a younger hotter version of yourself is bound to be a kick in the nuts.

Stop that... unless you are a masochistic, than please continue with the cbt.

Cotton Candy consistently reassures me that she's never going anywhere, but I still get worried. Because I can't function w/o her in my life. Literally!
This isn't separation anxiety.. this is DEPENDENCY...

For the record...
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