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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Consider this a stepping stone I suppose. I know I was in the same boat as RP in regards to your requirement for co-dependent dating.

Sounds like you might be moving past that into new waters. Do you have separation anxiety or "this is new and makes me nervous"..

Either way, congrats.
A little of both Ari. I mean, this guy is SO hot! And I'm straight, and I'm saying that. Also, he's SO young! I'm 40, Cotton Candy is 39, and Model is......wait for it.....25.

Cotton Candy's a total COUGAR and a MILF all in one! LOL

So yeah, I feel nervous because I worry that I just can't measure up anymore to the newer younger hotter version of myself. Make sense?

Cotton Candy consistently reassures me that she's never going anywhere, but I still get worried. Because I can't function w/o her in my life. Literally!
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