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I dislike (and am often confused by) the categorization of relationships. So many of the categorizations seem arbitrary and/or imprecise and I would just as soon live without them and just see relationships as a spectrum and let them find their own level and mutually agreed upon rules.

For example, the fiact that there aren't (m)any words for the relationships that exist between "friend" anf "boy/girlfriend". I would like to figure out what that word is, and then I would like to have some. Friends that you find attractive, might go on dates with, might even make out with, that you might have full on intimate relationships with if circumstances were different, but with whom you are just content to exchange backrubs with and remind one another that you are attractive and wonderful and such. I wish more people found that to be a natural way to exist and that such relationships were available in abundance.

And then, I would really love to have a full and intimate network of relationships between four or six folks. An even number because I have this (admittedly possibly irrational) desire for perfect gender balance. I am cisgendered and heterosexual myself but have no attachment to any specific orientation for the others, but I like the idea of defacto polyfidelity (polyfidelity born of mutual agreement that we simply wouldn't have enough time to invite any more full relationships), and I have a sentimental favoritism for the idea of cross couples (gender balance of some sort).

And if we're REALLY going to indulge our fantasies (I hope we are) I would say that I would love to be part of a nomadic tribe or some such. Two or three bands on tour or some other form of wandering entertainment or intentional community that just had a very free vibe to it and a subset of polyamorous population within it... in which I might find conditions satisfying both preceeding paragraphs. And an opportunity to raise families in such a Bohemia. That would be just about perfect to me. I'm kind of an odd duck I suppose.
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