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I feel the same way I have nothing to hide. My partner knows all my passwords to everything, phone, computer, everything. I don't mind her looking at whatever she wants....Just cause she can doesnt mean she does. Maybe by her knowing that she can, it makes her feel there is no reason too. I would like to think that she doesnt check on me, because she trust me.

I suppose for some people its tempting, like reading your sisters diary or something...

Here is my question, for the people that do check thier "others" e-mails and stuff...why do you feel the need to do that? Do you not trust them? I know if I am looking at someones private things its for one of two reasons, I came across it got curious and started to read, found it interesting or reading someones diary, or I am trying to find something out and see if I can trust them.

If my partner came home and said just so you know I checked your e-mail today. I think I would get defensive and ask why? I would also hope that by finding nothing she felt kinda dumb for looking in the first place.
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