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Ok I have typed, deleted, typed again, deleted again. And well without writing a novel to spit out my its like this.
TRUST- Once broken its very hard to mend. Like a pretty glass bowl glued back together you will always see the cracks.

My husband is my life.(well throw our rugrats in there too) I was sitting here reading this and well..I guess I was a lil shocked lol. A few points here..
1- If my hubs cheated on me or I him.. it would be over in a flat second. That is a huge no no in our house. Being dishonest and breaking trust is something we dont stand for with each other. I dont tolerate lying from my kids wouldnt want to wonder if the adult was being honest everyday.
2- My husband is my protector- That being said. He would NEVER force me into a situation I was not comfortable with. Whether that be poly or otherwise. I wouldnt ask him to change just as he wouldnt ask me. We discussed becoming poly. And I didnt agree for a year. And this was for me to have a partner not him.
3- I wouldnt hide my pain. If something hurts I get it out rather than let it fester. If you are not comfortable in this lifestyle you shouldnt do it. Simple as that.
4. Dont change just to make someone else happy- The SO that want to be poly with mono partners.. well.. In the end why force a square peg in a round hole just to make you happy. I spent many years when I was younger(Im talking kid and teen tol old for that BS now) being someone I wasnt to please parents, and so called friends..etc. No way I could do that as a adult. Its hard enough to go through the emotions of feeling your not wanted anymore or you dont please your partner anymore without saying relationship will be over if you dont do what I want in this... Thus reaffirming those horrible feelings the partner was feeling because there you pretty much say. Your not good enough you dont please me.

Ok off my soapbox... Just some insight from a insecure female who felt every ounce of this.
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