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Originally Posted by rory View Post
I understand these kinds of feelings well, they are not unreasonable. But isn't it true that even if you do everything in your power, there will still be some space left for lies, if lying is what your partner wishes to do? :/
Yes. If someone is going to choose to lie to you there really is nothing you can do about it. It's not under your control. When I was younger I didn't fully understand this. I truly believed that since I was completely open and honest and because I didn't see a "reason" for someone to lie since our agreement in our relationship was pretty basic, that I thought they wouldn't. Like by creating an environment where the NEED wasn't there it wouldn't happen. LOL, ah youth.

Truth is I found that people have their own reasons for everything and they are not mine. I have more respect for that now than I did then. Like reading this thread about privacy-- everyone has different needs and views on it. I suppose really it only matters that you and whomever you're with agree on what that is between the two (or more) of you. And like everything else, sometimes someone or everyone isn't going to have it exactly the way they want it and may have to compromise a little.
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