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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I don't know if it's wise to be out in the open with everyone you know until you feel established with poly and have something solid you can hold up in the light, rather than in an exploratory stage.

And yes, it's your brother's problem that he doesn't believe Romeo's okay with it when he is. But that shouldn't matter to you, does it?
Yeah, you're probably right about it being kind of premature to be so out in the open with people just yet. I just feel kind of icky about people thinking that I'm sneaking around on Romeo.

It shouldn't matter to me, I guess, but it still does affect me. I've always been close with this brother. I wonder if his feelings on the matter are at all influenced by him being in the Navy now?

ETA: More thoughts. I think I need to retreat to myself a bit. I'm overwhelmed. I feel like we're moving slowly (mostly because my body wants to go faster ), but in my head I know we're not. We've taken some pretty huge steps in a short period of time. There's been a whole lot of exhilaration, and there have been a couple of downers, and I think I'm feeling kind of emotionally tired. I am an introvert by nature, so I need to remember to take time to myself to recharge and gather my thoughts.

Today I think I'll go see Knight for a couple of hours before he goes to work tonight, and then I'll snuggle with Romeo all night. Tomorrow, I have my therapy appointment after work, and I think I'll find some quiet place to spend the rest of the evening by myself. I'll bring my crochet and a book and just disconnect for a bit.
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