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He didn't go into too much detail. He said Romeo is not going to really be OK with this, that he wouldn't be OK with it himself, and that besides that, he doesn't approve of Knight for any of his sisters. He didn't elaborate on that besides saying that he finds Knight intolerably irritating within ten minutes of hanging out with him, and that he thinks Knight has too many issues. He had to go abruptly to "go blow off some steam", and didn't go into much more detail other than to tell me he doesn't want to see Knight when he comes into town.

I'm really inclined to think this is my brother's problem, not mine. I love him, but I really felt like he was being possessive about this whole thing for some reason, which I really wasn't expecting. I don't think I'm going to bother trying to persuade him this is a good thing, I'll just let it play out as it will. Time will speak louder than either of us can.
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