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Originally Posted by swingers View Post
i know this isnt the same thing, but one of my fantacies is for me in our swining life is: my wife and our playmate couple strolling down the las vegas strip, compleately open with eachother... and the world. kissing, huggin, making out, acting as ones in love at vegas do, but including all 4 of us. does anybody have a situation like this, or live this way as a part of daily life?
yes, but I don't live in vegas and I have two male and a female partner.

The scenario you suggest isn't swinging to me really. I'm poly, my commitment is to more than one. I am not beholden to my husband and he isn't to me. We operate independently, yet together. We don't get together with other couples we are not in love with and not establishing relationships with to have sex. There would be a very different thing going on behind the scenes emotionally in $my scenario.
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