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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
See, the kinds of things you can look up in the States are considered private here, so I think that is where the disparity is coming from. If the info you consider private was available via a Google search for people in another country, you might feel it was a little invasive or odd that those people looked up these things. That's sort of where we are sitting from across the border.
Yes, I think it's definitely that kind of thing. It's a bit like when someone tells me "duh, you should carry pepper spray at all times" like it's some sort of common knowledge, only-moron-don't-do-this kind of thing, when it's illegal to do so in both Canada and France, the two countries I've lived in for extended period of times, so to me it's definitely not something I would think of as normal or common sense at all.
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