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Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
And if a guy really didn't want to cheat I believe the guys aren't going to try to make him.
lol, very true. thoes that are strongly faithfull have nothing to wory about, i agree. but i guess its the "boys club" factor also...

before we got married, and after we got married during my first deployment, i would have eyes only for my wife. she took this hard to believe that i ... A MAN... wouldnt check out other women. but for the longest time i didnt. it wasnt a personal choice or a concious thought... i just saw them as another human being, thats it (except for the objectification of women in pornography, of course) but when it came to working with women or passing one on the side walk it was not the hilight of my day. but when i was walking with some of the other guys in my unit all of a sudden the conversation would scease and i would be the only person talking. when i realized noone was paying attention to me i realized they were stearing at some woman captain's ass taht was walking infrunt of us. i just ignore it and went about my own mental thoughts untill the conversation resumed.

after we started talking about swining, and now poly, i do see myself checking out women only a little bit. hell she does it more than i do, pointing out a lady she sees as attractive at the mall so on and so forth. but for me, it is still a concious thought i half to force myself to focus on women. a fellow swining soldier once told me that i have no "radar" which i found is compleatly true. but my wife refuses to believe it.
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