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love the "boys club" comment. That is very true. so much peer pressure, it is actually encouraged under the radar some times. but if you get caught obvisously it is both adultery and a GO 1B violation. i keep on thinking to my self that there should be an armed forces exclusive dating sight, that is open to alll walks of life. but it would probably be a violation of a couple DOD policies and be shut down. there was a myspace page "iraqbangbuddies" but that turned out to be just guys looking for guys, nothing much els.

was thinking of a way of negating the "Adultery" word with a written contract that the DOD would acknowledge stating that both parties in the married relationship concent to other sexual partners. but that is such a long shot i dont see it happening unless non-monogomy within mainstream marrage is more popular and widly accepted.
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