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This reminds me of one time when there was this Asian Water Festival, and my husband was helping at it, and near the end it started pouring rain (yes, rain at the water-festival, how convenient). He ran to our truck where I was waiting and put the contents of his pockets in the driver's seat. I got bored while waiting for them to pack up the equipment, and started cleaning the truck... then I started on his wallet... which was pretty wet and full of junk. I organized his wallet (keeping any receipts and whatnot that I wasn't sure if it was important or not) and when he came back I said "Look what I did!" He said "You went through my wallet?!" and I said, "Yes, there was nothing in it except your cards and lots of soggy receipts, and a few dollars. Of course I "went through" your wallet. You're welcome." And he said "Yeah that's true. Thanks."
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