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Thanks Mono for your response. I appreciate hearing your perspective...

On the surface it seems that the difference between the place you are at the place my wife is at is that I constantly feel like I am walking on egg shells with anything to do with poly. For example, I know she feels uncomfortable with me even reading this site. I feel her discomfort and pain.

I am not expecting her to embrace the poly life or perhaps even to fully understand it. But I do want her to want it for me. At the moment she is forcing herself to allow it for me but that creates tension for her and me. I am doing my best to give her the space and patience she needs to be where she needs to be at. She is trying hard, but I feel there is a decisive point that she needs to reach that she hasn't yet...

Using your analogy, if I was Muslim and she Christian, I am not wanting her to convert to Muslim, but I want her to be supportive of me being one and wanting this for me because it is important to me.

So my question is, if indeed it is true that she there is a decisive point still to be reached, a tipping point if you like where one can want the poly life for their partner even though they themselves don't want it for themselves, how does this decisive point get reached? Perhaps a complex question, but I'd be interested in responses...
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