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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
After all the horror stories I have heard of women meeting up with strange men they have met "online", I am truly amazed that so many people would do NOTHING to check these people out and actually find it offensive.

Would you guys seriously allow your daughters to meet up with someone they met online without even doing an internet search (google search) and see if this person is on the sexual preditors list?
I wouldn't even have thought of doing that.
On the other hand, I would insist she goes with a friend and meet in a public place while she gets to know that person better. I think you can protect yourself without going into others' privacies. It's like wearing a bulletproof jacket in case someone has a weapon vs breaking into their home to check if they have one.

Just because you don't do a check as a first reflex doesn't mean you assume everything is fine until further notice. You can still be prudent and careful about things and take all the common precautions (always have someone know where you are, have them call you every X amount of time on your phone to check on you, have someone come along with you the first few times, meet in public, get the person's real name and ask if you can see their ID... don't have to do any of that behind the person's back).
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