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Originally Posted by swingers View Post

what do you think? this is just me free wrighting, but is there a incident anyone can show where service members were prosicuted under UCMJ because of either their poly/swing/kink activities (besides under the dont ask dont tell policie reguarding homo/bisexuality)?
I personally have never seen anyone prosecuted for poly. I work with a guy who swings and is pretty open about it actually. I have seen 1 person prosecuted for adultery. 45/45 but this guy was sleeping with another guys wife in his own shop. I was there when they got caught to make sure my friend didn't kill the guy.

I think as long as you keep it under the radar (don't talk about it at work or anyone you work with who may not understand) you will be fine.

and like I said DADT is a totally different set of rules. even after the repeal, the military doesn't recognize gay marriage. still no adultery.
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