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thank you very much for that informitave responce. although i am military and currently practicing swining, i had never actually looked up the leagal implications. (stupid of me) but we have been paranoid and tried to make sure we keep a good secure lid on what we were doing. i guess where we foul up is the fact that we actually try and stay withing the military community when we explore. our logic was that if we stuck with military they understood more of the life that we live and the risk we take enguaging in.... extracirricular activities as a married couple. but now realizeing that, usually, only military would know the ins and outs of UCMJ if they would intend to burn us. so, when it comes to the element of promisquity that accompanies swining, i think we should stay with civilians, but when it comes to searching for likeminded polyamourus people, i think military should be cleare of vindictive people.

what do you think? this is just me free wrighting, but is there a incident anyone can show where service members were prosicuted under UCMJ because of either their poly/swing/kink activities (besides under the dont ask dont tell policie reguarding homo/bisexuality)?
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