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Originally Posted by swingers View Post
all im saying is, with DADT repealed. it is easier for the SINGLE (by civil and military deffinition) service members to practice polyamory. but do you think they will ever loosen the deffinition of adutery to only includ incidentses that were not consentual by all partners and spouses involved? the military would probably require some kind of memo or contract stating that the married couple is in a non-monogomous relationship freely and consentually.
there is nothing saying a single person can't be poly. they're not married so there is no adultery.

as for being married. it says wrongfully had intercourse. if it's consensual nn-monogamy, is it wrong??

DADT never had anything to do with non monogamy anyway. once DADT is repealed, all it means is that if you are gay or bi and in the military, you can now tell the people you work with. there will also be a change to the UCMJ article pertaining to sodomy, making it OK as long as it's consensual.
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