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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
After all the horror stories I have heard of women meeting up with strange men they have met "online", I am truly amazed that so many people would do NOTHING to check these people out and actually find it offensive.

Would you guys seriously allow your daughters to meet up with someone they met online without even doing an internet search (google search) and see if this person is on the sexual preditors list?
Daughter.. Well maybe not. Then again how do you stop things like fb. I used to go hang out and meet new people. No harm no foul. But with daughters there is a level of protection implied.

My partners and possible partners are adult women. I would hope this kind of protection isn't needed. I would trust their judgement. And in fact, would even peep. Not my place. A "are you sute this is safe" should suffice...

The number of pervs in the world is less than normalcy (in fact the ratio is very tiny I bet). Not a fan of catoring to the fear mongering here.

And ditto to what derby said.
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