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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
Can someone explain why privacy is such a huge issue? I'm an open book. I have nothing to hide.
It has nothing to do with having anything to hide. It has everything to do with violation of others and respect for individual choice.

Intimacy is the solo act of a person to share with another person some information or behavior that would not be shared with most (or all) other people. Intimacy relies wholly on personal choice to do the sharing. Indeed, in those instances where a coerced or forced version of intimacy occurs, the person forcing/coercing the issue makes a victim of the other. The most extreme example, of course, involves rape--forced sexual intimacy. Other examples include blackmail and the like.

Note that those instances are all deemed criminal. Now, why is it that when somebody forces intimacy in the form of snooping through a partner's private materials that it suddenly becomes acceptable? The partner still had no choice in the matter and the perp did nothing more than force an intimacy that wasn't freely shared.

I don't find a moral difference between the two. If you snoop, you violate the other person's inherent right of control over how, when, and with whom they choose to be intimate. There is *nothing* that gives a person any right or moral authority to do that to another competent adult.

I respect other people, so I've no interest in forcing any intimacy. I also expect the same respect for my right to share as I choose. As I wouldn't want to share any intimacy that wasn't freely given, I have no interest in being involved in any fashion with somebody given to forcing intimacy on me or others.

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