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Originally Posted by greenearthal View Post
But then, nor is there the "abundance" of them that is marketed to us. That's more fiction than fact.
Yes and no. There are alot. It's just a matter of how many hoops the system forces you to jump through and whether those hoops are set on fire.

Originally Posted by greenearthal View Post
Speaking from experience, many human individuals become convinced that they can not have children, only to find later that they can/could. I have found the fertility prognosis of many physicians (especially practicing medicine in the USA) to be almost entirely useless. And a lot of anxiety in this area ends up being needless.

Good luck on your journey.
Very true. And the worry all too often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Couples try for years, go through procedures, give up-and then finally conceive naturally once the pressure to do so is off.
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