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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
So happy to hear! In the second-to-last post, when you were wondering what to focus your thoughts on, I was thinking 'go get yourself a hobby'!
LOL, well I do need to find an interest that I love (and find time to actually DO it), but that's not really what I was talking about.

What do normal people think about while they're going through their day? Me, I have a relatively rote job, where it requires thought, but not dedicated mental focus. So while I'm working my brain has time to think about other things. Many times I'll listen to music, often I'll even "watch" (listen to) shows on netflix or hulu. But my mind does wander. It's at these times I need other things to peruse mentally.

I've spent 15 years under stress, either relational, or kid-wise, etc. So mostly my thoughts have been preoccupied with how to FIX stuff-- me, the relationship, figuring out how to plan something out or fit another thing into the schedule-- that sort of thing. OR, looking forward and focusing on whatever I'm looking forward to at the time-- like hubs being home, or me finishing school, etc. But I'm just tired of thinking about that stuff all of the time. (To be honest I'm tired of thinking all of the time, AT ALL.)

I need a combination of something FUN to think about or consider, and some mindfulness exercises and meditation to have periods of no thought. I need to back my brain away from wandering aimlessly and get it to concentrate at the task at hand, the conversation at hand, the day at hand. Amazing how something that sounds so simple can be... not so much.
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