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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
The point will be to help poly people who love mono people cope and understand them so that they can be sucessful in their relationships.
Hey RP,

I think I would try to work in the concept we talk about - i.e. "Fullness".

I think there is a percentage mono people that don't necessarily struggle with the concept of poly from a theoretical basis as much as they can't see it being applicable to them because of their own lower 'fill point'.
Does that make sense ?
I think Mon is one of those so if I'm fuzzy here he may be able to elaborate some.
I think this is one of the sticking points that you have to get through. Many mono people fall into the trap of feeling insufficient when a partner says they want/need more - be it social interaction, affection, sex, love etc. When in reality it's really just a variation in 'fill points'.

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