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Originally Posted by swingers View Post
wow, thats cool, an you post that memo? im curious as to where it originated. also, can the military charge you with anything if they found a personal you and your spouse posted on an alternatave lifestyle sight?
I wish I could remember where I found it. It was about 6 years ago. I want to say it was for a Navy clearance but I don't really remember. (I just remember that it wasn't quite the same branch of government I got my clearance through, but I was hoping that the guidance was the same.

It didn't address what happens with my employer finding out I am into a poly lifestyle. I have a friend who was accused of having an adulterous affair with some guy associated with our work. This guy was heavily questioned based on this rumor. My friend only heard about afterwards. Her boss didn't want to tell her because he thought the whole affair (pun intended) was a ridiculous thing to worry about. Since nothing happened and the only "proof" was someone speculating, nothing happened. But I wonder what would have happened if she had had sex with that guy.
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