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Wow, sure are good a giving advice! This in particular resonated with me:

'When you talk to him next, start by asking specific questions. Its one thing to ask 'how do you feel about polyamory?'. That can illicit any number of responses. But asking questions tailored specifically to his own concerns might help focus the conversation. "Does the idea of being non-monogamous make you feel like I'm trying to replace you?" "Does the idea of me dating other people make you think that I somehow love you less?"'

It made me realise that I'm being far too vague when asking him how he's feeling. Saying, "How do you feel about polyamory?" is like asking someone, "What have you been up to?" when you haven't seen them in six years. You just don't even know where to start. So I think that advice will prove invaluable when I'm trying to encourage him to communicate his feelings. Thanks so much

I have told him, last night actually, that talking does not necessarily mean doing. Not yet, anyway. I just want to make sure we both understand each other fully, and if sometime in the future (when I've got a spare minute to shave more than just one leg) I meet someone I connect with, we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

Classes are a great idea, but we just do not have the time or the money to spare. I'll just surf the internet for clues or ask you guys

Thanks for your help, everyone
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