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Originally Posted by Xared View Post
The main reason I became polyamorous is this: I am an adult, and I exclusively date other adults. Adults are able to make their own decisions, and run their lives as they see fit.

Invasion of privacy to me comes off as disrespectful and controlling; and as though I'm being treated like a child.

In general, I'm a fairly open person. If someone wants to know something about me, I'll probably tell them. If I don't, there's probably a reason for it and I'll explain what it is. If that explanation isn't enough, they can try to convince me. Doing it against my will, however, I can't tolerate.
I agree with this post.

Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I'm not a private person at all. I'm honest, open, and tell people everything. As a result, it hurts me even moreso if someone goes behind my back to check my emails or do a background check on me, or otherwise proves that they don't trust me.
And this.

Privacy is a huge issue for me, even though I have nothing to hide. Invading one's privacy just shows lack of trust and respect, and it's not something I want in my relationships. I'm really open about my life and thoughts, all you have to do to know pretty much anything about me is to ask.

To people who don't understand that a person needs privacy from their partner, do you understand that not every friend of your partner's may want to share everything with you? If I write a personal e-mail to my friend, I expect it only to be seen by her, not her partner. And if my friend writes me, it is my responsibility to protect her privacy. It is none of my partner's business. That's propably why I take invasion of privacy quite seriously, it doesn't only disrespect me but also my relationships with other people and their right to privacy.
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