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Originally Posted by kamala View Post
Any thoughts on commitment, especially in the poly context? How can you say: I acknowledge that nothing is forever and I don't want you to make promises that you can't keep, but I also am completely devoted to this anyway? He doesn't quite grasp why this has thrown me so much, and I can't believe how coolly and calmly he considers leaving our relationship.
Only a general thought...........

"Commitment" has kind of become a loaded term and different people are going to react to it differently. So it's a word I'd use with a lot of caution. In the current culture - especially if there's any connection to the 'standard model', commitment generally equates to giving up options. It changes the relationship from a "desire" to an "expectation". People are very different in how they perceive (and react to) "expectations" being thrust on them..........

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