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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Does it always come from past issues with trust and betrayal? You who do go through your spice's correspondance, why bother?

Good question.

For me, in some ways it most definitaly comes from past trust issues. But it also comes from the fact that I am a curious person who likes to have the WHOLE story with ALL the details. Karma doesn't. As I learned with some of the fights between Cricket and I, Karma fails at relaying what was really said or meant. I hadn't quite realised it until then.

Reading e-mails or IM's allows me to get the whole conversation, not just his take on it. Several times he's relayed something to me, and later reading the conversation, I realised how off base he was. But had I only taken what he said, I would have never caught it and never been able to say "Hey I think you took what they said the wrong way, I'm taking it this way..." and saved an argument.

As for the phone, I don't listen to his messages unless the phone has rang and rang and rang and I am worried that something is wrong. At that point I will see who called and listen to the message so that I can go wake him up or interupt his shower to tell him something important.

I did check calls when I was suspicious of the affairs and for a period after I found out. But anymore I really don't care and I trust him more.

I have an overall lack of trust in people until I get to know them. I've seen too many people hurt and been hurt to much myself to just jump into something without knowing who I am jumping into it with.

For the most part I will google someone, or check arrest histories. Nothing too major. Nothing that isn't easily accessed public knowledge. I'm not looking to find out how much they make or all about their family. I just wanna make sure I'm not going out with someone with a nasty, repetitive history.
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