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So saw the counselor today and in a much better place. I think I am just dealing with a lot of emotions coming out that hadn't been dealt with for the past couple of years. Best idea is just to let them come, feel them, take care of myself and let them pass. Fighting it seems to make it worse and harder.

I'm also making some changes in my life so that I have more things just for me, restarting some projects that I haven't had time for, and doing less of the "have-tos" in my life.

I also have gotten a good friend of mine to be my venting partner, so when I'm going through these feelings I can talk to her and she can help me get it out and in this way I can spare my hubs from the debris.

Now that I have a plan I feel better. LOL... the lack of control of feeling so crappy is so hard for me.
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