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Angry Has DADT repeal effected how you poly?

Since the Repeal of DADT, there has been a mandatory "Brief" date that the DOD must Brife all of its people by before it actually instates parolell policies that replace the old one. In my own briefing, the question of swinging, poly, and kink came up and the SGT holding the briefing basically said that "Adultery is still a crime". so thoes BI men and women that are married must still practice in secrecy.

Do you think this will ever change? Will we ever be in an America where our armed forces can practice their lifestyle without stigma and legalities? I long for the day that i saw in starship troopers and Supernova where men and women are mature enough to shower together with respect for eachother. i forsee the oposite coming ahead, 6 seperate showers for the 6 different sexual orientations, omitting trany of course because i dont think the military will ever accept them either.

i know i was basically free wrighting and i got a couple different topics in there, but what do you think?
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