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I love her, and I hate the thought of our 3 year-old daughter growing up in a broken home. The little girl is such a beautiful and precious thing.

And yep, why wasn't she thinking of that before deciding to lie? She was addicted to the moment and couldn't give it up. She even told me that while she ewas in the relationship with him, she was ready to give our relationship up, for our daughter to grow up without a Dad and for me to return to my country of origin.

Part of me wants to make her pay for what she's done - the stress of the last several months has been overwhelming. Pneumonia was the latest thing to hit me. But revenge solves nothing. I guess I could ask her what's in it for me?

I'm trying to see if anyone has any experiences where one party has had an affair because they were afraid that revealing things at the start would deny them what they wanted (poly), and yet they still made things work. I'm a very durable kind of person - I've dealt with a lot in life. Nothing's broken me yet...
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