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I so agree. I also do not feel that I have anything to hide. I am completely anonymous here, but if someone really wanted to find my blog on here, they could. I occasionally mention to people that I participate on this forum and as much as I might like someone to say "I found your blog and it's interesting" on has ever felt the need to find it (until my ex lesbian partner -I'm calling her Brenda now- came here and started boo-hooing about how I used her name....OMG!!)

I think some of it is about insecurity and some paranoia. Maybe fear. There is such a prevalent idea that if you are not living your life a specific certain "acceptable" way- then......what??? you'll be persecuted???? burned as a witch???? I don't really know!!!

And the interesting thing is that she has chosen a very simple life- with not much to lose. I get that..... but what good does it do if the fear of losing everything is still so overwhelming.

Interesting topic. When I start worrying about my privacy- I have to remind myself....."nobody cares!!!" they are too busy worrying about their own life!!!
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.
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