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I'm pretty back and forth on this issue.

Background checks don't really bother me, but maybe because growing up my dad had to get regular security clearances, which ment SERIOUS indepth, pretty invasive checks (including interviewing neighbors and friends). If you want to be a sports coach you have to be fingerprinted and have a background check done. I work in the finance industry and that requires a background check and fingerprints on file with the company and the goverment regulatory agency. The background checks the everyday person can do are so minor compared to what I have already gone through, it doesn't even phase me.

However, I don't like people using my computer, reading my e-mails or even seeing my favorites tab for websites. That just agitates me, don't touch my shit . I have checked my husbands texts and e-mails on occassion, usually when the phone is beeping away and he is asleep (one or two I don't bother, 5+ I get worried it is urgent so I check). This is how I found evidence that he was getting ready to cheat and had been having an online affairs. I don't feel right looking at his stuff, it feels like snooping. I don't even like looking at my kids stuff, but that is my JOB as a parent.
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