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Originally Posted by Funk2Lopez View Post
If it was a V, then they could go on dates and I'll try to find a girlfriend for just me to be with while they are together.
Originally Posted by Funk2Lopez View Post
I really only ever wanted one man in my life but if we do end up in a V I would like someone special to spend some time with while they are together.
I'm a bit worried by both of these statements. Are you looking for a relationship because you want to open and enrich your heart or are you looking for something to do to keep your mind off of the time the other two spend together? The way you're describing it, it looks like you would want to find somebody to use as a distraction or as a way to replace the love you feel you're missing when your husband is with your girlfriend.

That situation would hold little appeal for any potential girlfriends that are seeking healthy relationships. There are certainly problems and imbalances that need to be solved in your situation. I don't think finding "your own girlfriend" is going to actually get you what you need. Work on the problem first, THEN think about bringing other people in.
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