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When you meet people "naturally", such as through work or through family or other friends, you have some sort of "referral" to go by and many times we don't even wonder whether a person has some skeletons in their closet, then the skeletons come out and it's no big deal because you kind of have a feel for whether the person is ok or not already.

But, when you're meeting people in a "meat-market" sort of context, such as at a bar or through a site such as OKC, they have more of a reason to want to make themselves seem attractive, and sometimes that means down-playing some unsavory thing about themselves.

I don't think you were "wrong" to do a background check, but personally it's not something I would do because I'd simply grill the person and expose any inconsistencies in their stories by myself. However, I don't need this kind of crap in my life and it's simply another reason why I don't "try" to meet people.
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