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Hey, I figured some more shit out....

Leo asked me why I still get that look on my face when he talks about his swinging... He thinks I am still judging him and against it. I had a good long think about it, because I really don't care at this point and realized that my feelings are around his bragging about it, or anyone bragging about it. I can't stand bragging at all, just as I can't stand whining.

"I am so fucking awesome" and "I'm not being taken care of *whine*" drive me fucking in sane.

Ahhhhhh,,,,, sweet victory! I feel so freed.

Now I can laugh it off and avoid in the future. Or at least find some way to talk about it in terms of getting to the bottom of why they feel the need to converse in that way.

Why do people brag about stuff anyway? Because they are insecure? Why do they whine....? Because they want validation for feeling the way they do?
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